Creating unique 3D printed ties

We bought our first 3d printer on Black Friday of 2021, intending to use it for fun. We printed various gizmos and toys, including some articulating toys (with lots of moving parts and joints, like snakes).

Around this same time, I started discussing side venture ideas with my husband. I had recently come across wooden ties on Etsy, and that combined with the articulating toys gave me an idea: 3d printed ties!

We started learning all there was to learn about 3d printing and 3D CAD design. It was very slow going at first, but we overcame challenges one at a time until we had a functional necktie prototype several weeks later.

My husband started wearing the ties to church and the feedback was tremendously positive. Our next steps included:

- Purchasing 3dtie.com for $12!
- Iterating over and over on things like neck straps, knot sizes, joints, etc
- Buying a 90's Bernina sewing machine (because my cheap Brother machine couldn't handle the elastic!). Her name is Betsy.
- Obtaining a used torso mannequin for pictures. His name is Rambo, and he is quite the specimen.
- Printing and listing our ties online

Our goal is to list 100 different ties and then see what else we can branch into. We add new ties weekly. Thank you for visiting our shop!

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