Introducing the necktie for the 21st century

Ever since neckties have come into fashion they were tailored out of cloth and the changes to their style were limited to cut and fabric. 3DTie takes the best out of traditions but moves beyond their limitations.

Designed by a software architect and manufactured on a 3D printer, 3DTie is a new category in the necktie fashion. This plastic tie has a modular construction and can be customized for every occasion.

3DTie looks great with a dress shirt or a t-shirt. Use clip-­ons and stickers. Mix and match components. Develop your own accessories to express your individuality. Wear it to the office, a party, or a red carpet event, you are guaranteed to get noticed!


Geek Picnic 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia
3DTie's first appearance in a fashion show

Disrupt San Francisco 2015

No tie should ever be worn under the shirt or over the collar, not even a 3DTie

SOLIDWORKS World 2016, central stage

Thanks, Igal!

J On The Beach 2016 conference, Malaga, Spain.

Cravat printed from the Sketchfab model


Sketchfab blog or news article.

Gifts For Geeks: The 3D Printed Neck Tie

22 Apr 2016, by Nick Hall

It’s not often that you hear the words ‘Geek’ and ‘Fashionista’ in the same sentence, but a 3D printing fashion startup wants you to think otherwise. Massachusetts-based MyTie3D has re-branded itself as3DTie, and opened an entire store of modular, customizable, and 3D printed plastic neckties that are surprisingly wearable, while allowing modern men to truly express their individuality.

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